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We are one of the Best PCD Pharma Company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which offers pharma franchises for..


We have a variety of medical products and medicines which comes at a very affordable pricing with high quality.


Norden Life Sciences has a mission of improving the living standards of the whole nation. It looks forward to build the healthier

PCD Pharma company in india

What makes Norden Life Science one of the best PCD Pharma company in india?

Norden Life Science is a top pharma franchise company in india that has been instrumental in delivering quality products and solutions to healthcare providers. Based on their wide range of services, Norden Life Science offers franchisees the opportunity to work in the pharmacy, hospital, or retail industries.

  1. We collaborate with our franchise partners to bring new and important treatments to market and distribute throughout the country.
  2. We collaborate with our franchise partners to provide every Indian community with affordable and high-quality pharmaceuticals.
  3. We hope to improve our patients’ quality of life by incorporating technology into the manufacturing of our products.
  4. We are ISO certified and have a wonderful record in this industry.

Benefits to Connect With PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

Norden Life Science is the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India and offers a lot of benefits as a franchise. The company provides startup capital for business owners and helps people to expand their customer base. PCD has more than 10,000 customers and is still expanding internationally.

If you place your trust in us, we will never let you down, and we make it possible with our unbeatable understanding of cutting-edge technology that greatly lowers the cost of manufacturing medical items. Our experience drives our capabilities and high-level competence, allowing us to stay ahead of the competitors in this field. It not only encourages the provision of cost-effective solutions to society, but it also raises demand for our product, resulting in higher profitability for your business.

To assure not only the best quality but also the most effective composition, we utilise high-grade chemicals, vitamins, proteins, and other substances. Maxnova has a quality assurance staff that monitors product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Why Choose Us


We offer best PCD pharma franchise company in India to our distributors with monopoly rights. We have wide range of products as well as we help you to promote our product. It looks forward to build the healthier.


Norden life science is an ISO certified pharma franchise company that always believes the pharma products we provide, should meet the qualitative criteria laid down by the authority, and the customer’s ultimate satisfaction is our motto.


At pcd pharma we provide quality medicine at affordable rate. Our team work hard to deliver the best for the cause of life. And is to create a healthier world, through new medicines, new science, and new cures.

Quality is Priority at Our best PCD Pharma company in india

Our team exclusively focuses on building the faith and trust of customers through their 100 percent dedication and giving customer care support. Since the team is led by qualified and affiliated experts, the product’s quality maintenance is undoubtful. Moreover, the rules and procedures adhered according to by WHO and GMP are strictly followed to boost the efficiency in the manufacturing of medicines and therefore facilitate the wellness of Humankind.

Choose us for Booming PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

Among the top PCD Pharma franchises, Norden Life Sciences assures you and your family by bringing the best in the field of strategy, producing and developing the market high medicines. Our commitment is still in the progress, we as the PCD pharma company in India, stands to provide monopoly rights to their franchises for unrepresented areas across the country, and Norden Lifesciences, is the PCD pharma company in India, believes in producing assured best quality formulation having uniformity and consistency in texture and stability. our vision and mission is to empower my stakeholders with the integrity, trust, and indomitable spirit to put their feedback on the table. our industry experts try consistently to enrich their medical field with their constant zeal for doing research in the field of aid, and our goal and purpose inhibit the same notion to develop and provide the products to the people that will stay ahead of any changes in the healthcare industry.

Why Should you invest in a PCD Pharma Franchise in India?

Nowadays, the priority of the government and the society has shifted more towards a healthy and disease-free life in the lots of hustles and bustles of every day. More concern has grown since the pandemic hit the world. It screwed the people to stand in a line to purchase the medicines. Suddenly the need for medicines and syrups laddered up extensively and therefore the market share of PCD Pharma Franchises rose and investors identified it as a new opportunity for capital formation. henceforth, the prices in the pharma sector are never going to go down, the market is going to blush in the future so it is advisable to start investing in the PCD pharma as early as possible.

What makes us different from other PCD Pharma Company in India?

Our pharma franchise is heading the pharma sector in India state while inhibiting collaboration, excellence, respect, leadership, and innovation as the core values of the company. The unceasing dedication to making a measurable difference helps them to stand as a leading PCD pharmaceutical company in India. We not only provide the medical facilities but also maintain a mutual relationship with our internal and external stakeholders. We as the pcd pharma Franchise Company in India encourage diversity among their clients and employees, developing a culture that everyone feels welcomed to be a part of .

The PCD pharma company, today, is heading in the field of development, production, and marketing of a broad range of specialty medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients, OTC products, and new therapeutic processes. The portfolio of their pharmaceutical product is very strong and comprehensive, extending to all the major therapeutic areas and dosage forms. We provide a remarkable range of pharmaceutical products in all the areas including pediatrics, diabetes, allergies, cardiac, ENT, dental, and neuro.

Investment is the most important part of any business, and PCD Pharma Franchise or Agency is no exception. The amount of money you invest in a PCD Pharma franchise is determined by the company with which you partner. To be started, a PCD Pharma franchise requires a minimum investment of RS. 40,000 to RS. 50,000.

Depending on the individual’s demands and preferences, the investment can range from Rs. 5 to 6 lakhs. While all of the factors are considered while selecting and interacting with other pharma franchisees, the pharma industry is more cost-effective and less risky than other industries.

Propaganda cum distribution is referred to as PCD. PCD Pharma is a franchise corporation that provides storefront and warehouse spaces to its franchisees.